By Diana on September 1, 2016
Amazing! My skin felt so smooth and soft even after the first application! I can't wait to see what it will do in tbe long term. My skin is not the greatest due to my oily complexion so I'm always hesitant to put anything on it that feels oily like this did at first. But after rubbing it in the oiliness feel dissipates. I was happy to see that hydrolic acid and vitamin e were also mixed in with the vitamin c as I have heard amazing benefits for skin with all 3 ingredients. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review but if it continues to work well with my skin then I will be willing to purchase this stuff at any price! As skin takes some time to heal, I will make sure to update this review when I have given this product more time to work its magic!
By Amazon Customer on July 24, 2016

First, I am not a review person normally! However, I felt this may help some of you as I am a licensed professional holding 5 licenses in 2 states in the Beauty Industry. I have used an unimaginable amount of products! This 1 seems to be delivering ALL of what it says it will! Amazing! There are 2 things you need to know: it is not runny or thick! Consistency is nice. It allows for direct application or to act as an additive to a cream or lotion. However, using it directly on any of your skin can & will make you sticky! My suggestion is apply a small amount to the center of the area you wish to see the most effects, massage it into the area, let dry, then add moisturizer of choice (this will re-activate the dried serum)allowing a diluted form over the larger area. You will get your intense treatment at site placement and a general treatment of the entire area. (I use the same moisturizer on my problem areas of body as I do on my face). Not my whole body, problem areas only! (as that would be an astronomical amount of money) LOL I do still add some Vit C serum to firming body lotion for the general application. Also, this is not a product you can use and then go in the sun without sunscreen! *sunscreen should be used anyway! Just more so when using this product due to the hyaluronic acid in it! The only thing I need to find now is Glycolic acid serum of 70%, that isn't runny, to add to my concoction & I will once again be a complete treatment! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product that it can be used in ANY skincare regimen!
Your happy professional!
on July 18, 2016
A good vitamin C serum is a must have in my routine – it is something that I like to use every day and never leave home without it or my skin feels exposed to the harsh elements of the environment. Through intense research I learned that Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant by eliminating free radicals, it brightens and evens the skin and also increases collagen production thus making your skin firmer. In the past I have purchased popular brand Vitamin C serums paying hundreds of dollars, before I realized that it was too much money and started to look for alternatives on Amazon. I typically look for Vitamin C serums that have at least 15%, because the concentration at 15% is clinically proven to be effective over repeated use.

I found the Meera's Beauty Vitamin C serum which touts to have an impressive 20% concentration and had to give it a try.

The Serum came well packaged and arrived quickly. My first instinct with any product is to smell it and this serum does not have any discernible scent to it. The serum is pretty thin in consistency and goes on real easy. As soon as I put this on my face I could fell my skin just drinking it up. It does not make your skin oily or greasy which is a great plus point. I was able to put on my make up without having to wait for it to dry. I had no adverse reaction or skin irritation while using this product.

Of course its too early say whether this serum works as advertised. Serum's don't work overnight and will need to be consistently used over a period of time to truly generate results

I would recommend using this vitamin C serum first thing in the morning after cleansing to allow for maximum absorption.

I rely on amazon for reviews of nearly everything before I buy. One of the reasons I shop so much on Amazon is the amount of healthy customer feedback about the products there. I like to give back to the community by reviewing items myself. My reviews are always honest and accurate to my experience.Some items are offered to me for a discount. My opinion and review is never persuaded by this fact. I do not only review items that are sent to me at a discount either, the majority of my reviews are on items that I paid full price for. With that in mind, this item was sent to me for a discount in exchange for a review. I have thoroughly tested it and my reviews are always 100% honest.